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Betta Batteries offers safe and sustainable storage solutions that outperform, outlast, and outmuscle traditional batteries. The lead-crystal battery by Betta Batteries uses a unique crystalized electrolyte which has the safety of gel batteries, price of a lead-acid batteries, and performance of Lithium batteries. The wide application range, from diesel genset replacement to utility-scale and residential storage, means that Betta Batteries is part of the energy revolution of the future.


Betta Batteries is proud to be part of an exciting venture which requires the unique and innovative lead-crystal battery of today to build a sustainable tomorrow.


Betta Batteries provide batteries and complete systems which outcompete based on performance, pricing, and safety.


The Lead-Crystal battery has a 100% discharge capability, fast-charging, and long service life even in high-temperature environments. The combination of features results in a sustainable and safe battery which can be used in any storage system. Storage systems with lead-crystal results in highly attractive business-case and ROI opportunities where, in many cases, Lithium is simply not suitable.

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Lead Crystal Batteries

Lead Crystal Batteries

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