Lead Crystal Batteries

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Renewable systems require strong business-case fundamentals to support the proliferation of the systems. One such example of rapid developments is in the solar systems which has seen a price drop from $9/watt to approximately $4/watt in the course of 10 years (2006-2016). The ensuing adoption of PV systems have exponentially increased and there is no end in sight as traditional global energy prices are expensive. Typical system payback times are now only 5-7 years for grid-connected systems.

Storage is the next market to explode as inverter and battery technology matures with predictions of 38% CAGR well into 2025 according to a market report by research company Wood Mackenzie. With the market ready for the energy revolution, Betta Batteries is ready to revolutionize container transport alongside high-profile partners like Cisco, Intel, IBM, and the Port of Rotterdam.

The transport difficulties with Lithium batteries is an intrinsic problem of the chemistry and thus Lithium remains classified under Dangerous Goods. The high material and moral cost of Cobalt remains a controversial topic of whether Lithium is the “green” battery of the future. As an alternative, Betta Batteries are the only producers of the patented lead-crystal battery which is a 99% recyclable battery containing no antimony, cadmium, and less acid. This battery is versatile, tough, and has competitive performance like Lithium, but while still being safe to transport.

These features mean the lead-crystal battery is the perfect solution for marine, oil & gas, and telecoms industries which require high-quality and safe batteries often subject to high ambient temperatures. The We are 42 smart container is similarly suited to the lead-crystal battery for remote renewable power. The partner Green Rhino in the USA provides a custom hardware platform which is suited exclusively for the lead-crystal battery. This hardware platform unlocks the power of the lead-crystal battery for applications across the globe requiring any voltage, frequency, or power rating.

Written by Duan van t Slot.

About Duan van t Slot: Duan joined Betta Batteries EU as Project Manager of Global Operations in 2019 to manage the worldwide and growing list of developments of Betta Batteries. Duan works closely with the technical and sales team to deliver tailor-made renewable solutions for businesses in the African, Middle East, and European regions. Before joining Betta Batteries, Duan worked with projects such as the Swiss project EcoTherriens, KACARE monitoring stations, and Saudi Aramco renewable systems. Duan’s background in electronics engineering as a consultant includes robotic automation, electrical system design, and monitoring solutions for companies in South Africa. He is currently based in Utrecht, Netherlands.