Alchemi Technologies – Charging Ahead

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As new waves of innovation reach the shores of the renewable energy technology sector, improvements in cost, efficiency and service-lifetimes are plentiful across the board. Consequently, the energy storage market is exploding as the prices of cutting-edge renewable energy technologies are hitting all time lows.

The battery charger market faces a similar growth trajectory driven by cost-effective and innovative battery storage technologies where efficient and effective power conversion is key. These battery storage solutions provide a vital role in grid capacity and frequency regulation and high-quality, ultra-efficient battery charging systems could change the cost dynamics of current storage systems and improve returns on investment (ROI).

In this price-sensitive market, the importance of high-quality battery chargers are often overlooked and receive low priority and little attention during the system design cycle. Engineers are often unaware of the complexities of power design, but even more so, for charging batteries under extreme conditions where efficiency and heat control are crucial. In fact, chargers and batteries go hand-in-hand like a car and its engine and need to be well matched for high performance delivery.

Alchemi Technologies have identified major shortcomings in the battery charging industry and in response, have developed a range of next-generation, universal charging solutions that are more efficient, compact, cost-effective, and versatile than current solutions on the market.

This new range of hardware aims to unify all voltage- and chemistry specific hardware requirements under a single branch of universally compatible charging solutions that are easily configurable and adaptable to any situation. This unique approach along with our hardwares’s high-temperature operating capabilities and ultra-high efficiencies of up to 98.2% means that our solutions can charge any battery, in any environment, perfectly, all the time. Truly universal solutions for almost any situation.

Our latest innovation, the Alchemi Supercharger strives to be a universal industrial battery charger that can charge any battery, with any chemistry and with any voltage between 15-58.7VDC. It features 10+ of our exclusive, pre-loaded, chemistry specific charging profiles and maintenance sequences along with a range of IoT functions such as data-logging, fleet management and diagnostics.

The Supercharger’s ultra-high efficiency, revolutionary adjustable DC output- and universal AC input capabilities make it the obvious choice for international companies seeking the edge over competitors. Less warehousing space, less inventory, and less stocked models are obvious advantages. The unrivalled energy-density and small size of our whole range of chargers also makes it extremely attractive for on-board EV and mobile charging where space is limited.

Our company philosophy of reliability runs counter to the current paradigms of planned obsolescence, as we aim to provide our customers with solutions that are designed to last for more than a decade. At the same time, customers can enjoy lower total cost of ownership of our entire product range, as the energy savings are significant over the charging life, as well as cost savings due to longer-lasting batteries.

Read more about Alchemi Technologies and the cutting-edge hardware solutions we provide at our website:

  • By Louie Kritzinger