AWAKE.AI has collectively decades of experience from maritime business, systems and autonomous vessels combined with a long experience of architecting cloud solutions in complex systems combined together with strong IT and embedded SW expertise. AWAKE.AI has already established a unique partnership network and is continuing to build a new ecosystem towards smart ports and smart ships. AWAKE.AI has also long experience of cloud based AI data pipelines in Marine industry, industry leading expertise in data forensics, incident response, security management and security architecture design.


AWAKE.AI wants to enable autonomous ships to call at ports. This requires creating all the needed digital handshakes between smart ships and smart ports. Smart container is a key part of this development. WeAre42 – project supports AWAKE.AI’s objectives by further improving the understanding of future communication requirements, standards, protocols and new service needs. Smart containers will demand smart vessels and smart ports to work together offering new types of services to the smart container.


AWAKE.AI is developing data standards, APIs, datasets and cloud services towards this future. We will have a dedicated team working with Port of Rotterdam and rest of the WeAre42 – project partners on a continuous basis. We will use the data gathered by the smart container to further train our machine learning models which will then enable us to innovate new services and business models.


AWAKE.AI can provide answers to what smart and autonomous ships require from smart ports in order to make the port call. We are bringing to the project the best knowhow and expertise in the world related to smart and autonomous ships. Our experts are developing the interfaces and future services between autonomous vessels and smart ports. AWAKE.AI is also making a monetary contribution to general marketing of the project and plans to install technologies for enabling new types of data.

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