Axians supports its customers in the field of integrated Information and Communication Technology; to make our world a little smarter.

With 9.000 employees, and part of one of the world’s largest technology companies in the area of digital transformation and energy transition, Axians is proudly part of the Vinci Energies. From offices to airports and from roads to harbors; we feel that technology is able to improve the lives of people and aim for a better and more sustainable world.


As Vinci, we carry out numerous global projects that contribute shaping the world of tomorrow; we aim to lower the energy consumption and reduce CO2 by adding our knowledge and expertise towards the digital transformation of ports and global shipping starting with our support to the Port of Rotterdam.


We contribute by connecting infrastructures to information and energy system where we focus on the integration of connectivity and data to fast-track the rollout of new technologies and support the digital transformation.


We deliver the best of ICT with a Human touch and therefor embed our passion, knowledge and expertise within the journey of Container 42 – being the partner to integrate all the technologies – from sensor to dashboard!

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