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For Cisco, this fits within our Country Digital Acceleration commitment aimed at working closely with key Dutch organizations to help enable and benefit from a digital Dutch future. The Port of Rotterdam asked the market to deliver a platform that could service their goal to become the first automated port. Cisco is proud to deliver an off the shelf solution based on unparalleled technologies to the Port.


Cisco’s role is to provide a secure data delivery platform that connects all the Port’s sensor data, synthesizes it, and delivers it where the port needs it in their effort to digitize and automate the port – essentially help making the Port become more efficient, achieve a competitive advantage and ultimately enable autonomous ships.


Cisco’s E-LAN, industrial routers and Kinetic (Cloud) Services technologies are being implemented on this project. These services provide an intent-based network for the Port.  With the complexity of the network, Cisco’s intent-based network with a high degree of automation handles this complexity and delivers data securely where and when it’s needed.

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