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Do you want your mission and vision to be thought-out and strategically translated into a concept that perfectly suits your brand and company? Concept God helps you to tell the story of who you are and to present yourself as you wish to, because we believe there is a story worth telling behind every company. Our team of specialists has managed to refine themselves in the art of (re)branding, storytelling and (graphic) design. This is how we guide you to a design and the realisation of it, based on a successful concept. Concept God makes your story and brand come alive piece by piece.


We are very proud to be contributing, together with other partners, to the first smart container that will collect data during its trip around the world and will contribute to a eco-friendly and safer way of transport. We believe in a smarter and cleaner future and would like to bring people along our journey to fasten up this process.


Concept God enables ideas to speak to your imagination. Based on a vision, we create a well thought-out concept and a total brand perception. Next, we translate the story into the correct communication tools, both online as offline. From logo to video, from website to campaign. This way, innovative ideas will come alive and closer to reality.


Concept God has been involved with WE ARE 42 since the first sketches. Together we developed the storytelling and the complete brand identity. With a team of specialists we took care, amongst other things, of the interior concept, corporate identity, website, video content, photography, 3D model and stock market material.

Articles by Concept God

Imagination takes you everywhere.

Imagination takes you everywhere.

Logic takes you from A to B, imagination takes your everywhere. By imagining something, you can create new images and…