HyET Solar

HyET Solar has developed Powerfoil, a thin, lightweight and flexible solar module. Our modules are can be attached to almost any surface, are only 0.5mm thick and weigh less then 0.6kg/m². Our roll to roll manufacturing process allows for large scale production at extremely low cost. Powerfoil is ideally suited for building integrated solar, for mobile solar, for floating solar and for large scale utility solar.


We believe Container 42 is an excellent opportunity to show the versatility of Powerfoil, and to draw attention to our technology. We are currently raising funds to increase our production facility in Arnhem, NL and we are looking for production partners in various regions in the world.


HyET Solar Powerfoil is installed on the roof of the container, it provides power to the battery system that powers the equipment in the container.


Powerfoil installed on the roof ensures a steady supply of power even during transit on the vessel, this allows the batteries to be continually charged and maintain power supply to all in-container systems.

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