The transport and logistics sector is always on the move and technology is advancing developments even faster. Innovation is essential to everyone who wants to increase their added value, and for everyone wanting to take to the roads as safely and efficiently as possible. This is where Imbema Transport & Logistics comes in.

Under the brand SBS Security & Safety Products, Imbema is developing products that  contribute to improved security, control and efficiency of shipping and cargoImbema has its own R&D department where these products are being developed, assembled and tested.


Just like the Port of Rotterdam, Imbema wants to find solutions to future challenges of the Transport and Logistics sector, and new technologies are making that possible. Container 42 enables us to show that smart lock solutions create greater efficiency, security and reliability of the shipment and cargo.


Under the SBS brand, Imbema is developing products that contribute to improved security, control and efficiency of shipping, freight and cargo. These security solutions, from mechanical locks to high-end lock solutions, are being developed in collaboration with customers and suppliers.


Container 42 is fitted with our advanced high-end SBS lock. This container lock makes it easy to check when, where and by whom the container has been opened. The lock also makes it possible to personalise or block access to the container. With the help of geofencing, it is even possible to open the lock only at set locations (such as at customs).