Port of Rotterdam

The Port of Rotterdam aims to lead in the energy transition and set an example for the rest of the world. We want to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the port area by 95% in 2050, while preserving our social and economic value. This requires a lot of new technology, insights and partnerships with likeminded organizations that want to explore the future of (autonomous) shipping and ports. The 42 container is one of the platforms that enables us to make this exciting journey.


We see the 42 container as a metaphor for the digitization journey of the Port of Rotterdam. It enables us to show the world what we are currently doing at the port, create awareness for future challenges and find solutions with new technology.


The Port of Rotterdam is known for creating great innovation ecosystems in and around the port area. We bring together people, knowledge and businesses to create serendipity and accelerate ideas that are valuable for the shipping and port industries.


The 42 container and its partners are able to use various facilities at the Port of Rotterdam and gain insights in what it takes to run Europe’s biggest and smartest port, now and in the future.

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