Quantoz, founded in 2015 and based in Utrecht (NL), is a multiple awarded company, specialised in building blockchain technology applications. Customers include UniCredit, Porsche and BASF. The near future will bring more and more smart devices connected to the Internet. The amount of transactions between consumers and devices, but even more important in-between devices will grow exponentially. The Quantoz Blockchain-based QUASAR solution enables instant payment and transaction settlement between enterprises, people and the internet of things, compliant with regulation.


In this project we enable the smart container to monetize the services and data it provides. We show that with QUASAR goods and financial flows can directly be linked and all participants in the supply chain can access the same data.


QUASAR connects the ‘Internet of Things’ economy with traditional financial systems and hence enables devices to become profit centers. In this project, Quantoz provides digital wallets to containers, enabling these containers to monetize their services.


QUASAR is a permissioned consortium blockchain based on the STELLAR protocol and is designed as a network of nodes that power a distributed ledger. Quasar is dedicated to corporate consortia use; businesses can build their own “virtual private payment networks” in QUASAR.