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Alchemi is committed towards bringing unparalleled value propositions to our customers through industry leading hardware innovations in a highly competitive, global energy market. Our devotion towards developing cutting-edge hardware solutions allows us to solve complex problems and constantly stay one step ahead of the curve.

Our range of next-generation, ultra-high efficiency, battery charging hardware is testimony to this devotion, as we seek to unify all voltage- and chemistry specific hardware requirements under a single branch of universally compatible charging solutions that are easily configurable and adaptable to any situation. This allows for the perfect, tailor-made charge for any battery, in any environment, everytime.


The Container 42 project deeply resonates with Alchemi values and our philosophy of improving the world and environment through the application of high-technology. We are proud to provide support and a reliable, custom battery charging solution to this revolutionary initiative that aims to transform the ways of olde into gold.


As a leader in custom, purpose-built battery chargers, Alchemi has provided a specialized 3-phase, redundant charging solution that has been optimized for reefer containers. This hardware will charge the container’s lead-crystal batteries from a 3-phase AC input, which powers Container 42’s electronic nervous system as it makes its way across the world.


The Alchemi Orion-series charger for Container 42 is a unique product which must be able to charge lead-crystal batteries using a 3-phase Wye-Wye connection commonly found on refrigerated containers. This redundant charger configuration will provide fail-safe charging for Container 42 as it makes its way across the world, ensuring 100% up-time.

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