Green Rhino

Green Rhino offers reliable and resilient energy storage systems which are designed exclusively for the revolutionary Lead-Crystal battery. The philosophy of Green Rhino is to develop energy storage systems with an homogenous platform. This consistent design methodology based upon years of experience, makes our energy systems as indestructible as the rhino in Green Rhino Energy. The Green Rhino systems are specially developed to maximize the benefits of the Lead-Crystal batteries which is reflected in the system price, reliable performance, and extended versatility.


Green Rhino is excited to be part of the We are 42 adventure which requires a reliable energy system to power the future.


Betta Batteries provide homogenous and integrated storage solutions which are built to last using the Lead-Crystal™ battery.


The Green Rhino systems are built solely to best utilize the performance of the Lead-Crystal battery using a homogenous technology platform. The systems can power from remote huts to large-scale industrial plants by using a distributed and efficient system design. The We are 42 container uses an exemplar system capable of operating in extreme high ambient temperatures with rapid recharge rates.

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Green Rhino Systems

Green Rhino Systems

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